Monday, March 2, 2015

1st Grade Winter Self-Portraits

Winter Self-Portraits
In art class 1st graders learned the different between a portrait and a self-portrait. They learned that a portrait is art you make about other people and a self-portrait is art you make about yourself.  1st graders created winter self-portraits by drawing themselves thinking about showing an expression on their face.  They imagined showing themselves being cold, happy or even surprised.  They also had to draw winter clothing with interesting lines shapes and patterns.  They then used markers to trace and crayons to color their hair, faces and rosy cheeks.  Watercolors were then used to carefully paint their self-portraits. Finally white paint was used to splatter “snow”, making it look like they were in a winter storm or snow fight.

2nd Grade Matisse Inspired Winter Collages

Matisse Winter Collages
In Art class 2nd graders learned about the French artist Henri Matisse. They learned that Matisse created his art using collage or what he called "drawing with scissors”.  Matisse painted papers, cut out shapes and glued the shapes together create pictures. Some of Matisse's works were inspired by music, the ocean or even the circus. Students looked at several of Matisse’s artworks and noticed how he repeated shapes to make patterns and show movement in his art. Using only cool colors students cut and glued shapes to create a background for their Matisse inspired collage. Students then learned how to cut out snowflakes and repeated snowflakes in their collage along with small white paper patterns.