Monday, October 20, 2014

   Loved the shirt of one of my Kinders!!

Kinder Mondrian Vs. Kandinsky Artist Study

Mondrian Art
          Kandinsky Art
In art class Kindergarteners made paintings inspired by the artists Piet Mondrian and Wassily Kandinsky, both were artists during the same art period.  Students compared their art and noticed how they used lines and colors differently.  Mondrian made paintings using vertical and horizontal lines to create squares and rectangles.  Mondrian used only the 3 primary colors, which they learned are red, blue and yellow.  Students learned how to use a ruler to carefully draw straight horizontal and vertical lines and then learned careful painting techniques.  For their Kandinsky paintings students learned about and painted many different types of lines.  After first painting with the 3 primary colors they explored color mixing and created the secondary colors, orange, violet and green. At the end they added some glitter paint to make them shine.
Beautiful Art Kinders!

5th Grade Printmaking

Students in 5th grade studied different types of printmaking in art and learned that printmaking is a form of art when an artist can create the same image over and over again.  The artist creates a stamp or printing plate and then uses a medium like paint or ink to print multiple times.  Students started by planning and carving a design into a rubber stamp using a linoleum cutting tool.  They then selected a set of colors to color on their stamp and print over and over in a grid pattern.  Students followed the grid pattern over and over rotating their stamp to create radial balance in their printmaking art.

The original project idea came from, which has a grid template for the stamping to follow. 
Beautiful Prints 5th Grade 

4th Grade Keith Haring Figures

Keith Haring Inspired Figures
4th graders created art in the style of artist Keith Haring who is known for the simplicity of his action figures.  He became famous for his cartoon like figures expressing harmony and peace that were painted in subways and on buildings. He was also inspired from break dancing and graffiti art.
Students first practiced how to make a figure look like it was moving, making sure to have the correct body proportions and bending on their figures.  They acted as models and created gesture drawings of one another to practice drawing figures. Students then selected their favorite figures and repeated them in their art. Students picked a color theme to use and colored their figures solid like Haring. Then in the empty parts of their art they created different patterns around the figures by repeating different types of lines, shapes and colors. We talked about color and making the project have lots of energy.

3rd Grade Oil Pastel Insects

Emphasized Insects
In art class 3rd graders learned about the art principal of Emphasis, also known as Center of Interest.  Emphasis in a piece of art refers making an object or part of the art stand out and catch a viewer’s attention.  Students started by focusing on drawing their insect body with lots of details, making the insect big in size, and thinking about the insect location on the paper.  Then they added patterns and designs to make the insect standout more.  Lastly they added color with oil pastels to make the insects even more emphasized.
Well done 3rd Grade!