Thursday, December 20, 2012

2nd Grade Paper Owls

I have seen many small versions of paper owl sculptures on Pinterest but I changed things up a bit and made them a little larger with my 2nd Graders.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

3rd Grade Oil Pastel Insects

4th Grade Oil Pastel Suns

Warm and Cool Color Suns
In this project 4th graders reviewed the art elements of Line, Pattern and Color.  To show the element of line students had to draw half of their sun using only straight lines and the other half of their sun using only curved lines.  Students had to show pattern in the rays of the sun by repeating shapes and in the background of each side of the sun by using lines and shapes to create an interesting pattern.  When they were done with their drawing they learned new oil pastel techniques of blending and color mixing and reviewed warm and cool colors.  Half of their sun and rays were colored with warm colors and the other half with cool colors and then the background switched to the other color group.  By changing warm and cool colors their suns stand out even more‼   Thank you to for the inspiration!!

2nd Grade Eric Carle Spiders

Eric Carle Spiders 
2nd Graders were inspired by the author Eric Carle and his book The Very Busy Spider for their spider art project.  They learned the besides being an author Eric Carle is also an illustrator.  This means besides writing the words for books he also creates all the pictures for his books.  Rather than drawing his pictures Eric Carle collages his pictures by cutting and gluing beautiful colored papers.  Like Eric Carle students painted large sheets of paper with bright colors and learned about color mixing.  They were able to add different textures and designs in their paint by using different tools.  They then learned about the parts of a spider and cut up their papers into different shapes and glued them together to collage their own Very Busy Spiders


Kindergarten Mondrain Art

Mondrian Art

In Art class Kindergarten students made artwork inspired by the artist Piet Mondrian.  Mondrian made paintings using vertical and horizontal lines to create squares and rectangles.  Mondrian painted with the primary colors, which students learned are red, blue and yellow.  The students learned how to use a ruler to carefully draw straight horizontal and vertical lines. They practiced using good painting skills and painted their art using the primary colors and then painted straight black lines to seperate their shapes.

1st Grade Painted Fish