Tuesday, December 18, 2012

4th Grade Oil Pastel Suns

Warm and Cool Color Suns
In this project 4th graders reviewed the art elements of Line, Pattern and Color.  To show the element of line students had to draw half of their sun using only straight lines and the other half of their sun using only curved lines.  Students had to show pattern in the rays of the sun by repeating shapes and in the background of each side of the sun by using lines and shapes to create an interesting pattern.  When they were done with their drawing they learned new oil pastel techniques of blending and color mixing and reviewed warm and cool colors.  Half of their sun and rays were colored with warm colors and the other half with cool colors and then the background switched to the other color group.  By changing warm and cool colors their suns stand out even more‼   Thank you to http://greenbayartroom.blogspot.com/ for the inspiration!!

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