Monday, October 20, 2014

4th Grade Keith Haring Figures

Keith Haring Inspired Figures
4th graders created art in the style of artist Keith Haring who is known for the simplicity of his action figures.  He became famous for his cartoon like figures expressing harmony and peace that were painted in subways and on buildings. He was also inspired from break dancing and graffiti art.
Students first practiced how to make a figure look like it was moving, making sure to have the correct body proportions and bending on their figures.  They acted as models and created gesture drawings of one another to practice drawing figures. Students then selected their favorite figures and repeated them in their art. Students picked a color theme to use and colored their figures solid like Haring. Then in the empty parts of their art they created different patterns around the figures by repeating different types of lines, shapes and colors. We talked about color and making the project have lots of energy.

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