Friday, December 6, 2013

Watercolor Giraffes

Thanks to my friend over at for this art lesson!
Miss sharing ideas with you in Green Bay!!
2nd Grade Giraffes
2nd Graders were inspired by giraffes and the artist Jennifer Mercede for this art lesson.  Students looked at drawings and photos of giraffes to learn how to draw them and then were inspired by Mercedes brightly painted and patterned giraffe art.  After drawing their giraffes students learned about the art element Value. Value means the lightness or darkness of a color.  Students choose 2 colors to paint their giraffe with then practiced creating light values in the background of their giraffes and dark values on their giraffes using watercolor paints.  They used less paint and more water to create light values and more paint and less water to create dark values.  They also learned that values can be changed by adding lighter colors and darker colors.  To add more details to their art students created patterns in the background and on the giraffe’s spots.  They practiced using line, shape and color in their patterns to create interesting designs. 

Great Job 2nd Graders!!!

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