Thursday, April 10, 2014

3rd Grade Greek Vases

Ancient Greek Pottery
        In art class 3rd graders learned about the art of Ancient Greek Pottery. They learned pottery was used in everyday life to transport liquids like perfumes, oils and drinks and was usually created with red clay. The red pottery was decorated with black color and showed pictures of Ancient Greek times. The pictures showed scenes of daily life in ancient Greece, images of the Olympics, pictures of Gods and Goddess and even stories about Greek Mythology. Pottery was also decorated with bands of bold patterns using different types of lines. Students also learned about Ancient Greek architecture and could use pictures of temples and columns in their art. Students looked at pictures of different types of Greek pottery then draw and cut out a large paper vase. Then students colored pressing very hard using neutral colored oil pastels to make them look like red pottery. Then using a special paint mixture they painted their vase solid black. Once this paint was dry students could scratch the black paint away while drawing their Greek picture on their vase to reveal the oil pastel underneath. Students also had to create a Greek column made out of paper as the pedestal for their art.
Great Job 3rd Graders!

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