Wednesday, February 4, 2015

4th Grade Lego Character Design

4th Grade Lego Figure Design
In art class 4th graders discussed different jobs in the field of art.  As they brainstormed jobs that use art most students had never realized how many careers actually need art.  They came up with some jobs like, photographers, video game designers, clothing designers, illustrators, fine artists, car designers, architects, they also realized that there are also TOY DESIGNERS!  Can you imagine having a job that you got to design toys!  We focused our attention on functional art, art that serves a purpose.  Functional art could include Lego toy designers and all the set combinations they get to create for kids.  We learned a little more about Lego Art through a video and then 4th graders brainstormed a character or person to design a Lego about.   They were asked to choose a character or person that is recognizable or well known.  Students found an image of the character or person they were going to design and started with a Lego figure template.  They planned the details for the clothes, face, colors and any object to help show who the Lego Figure was about and then carefully drew and colored their Lego figure.
Awesome 4th grade!

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