Monday, May 2, 2016

Kindergarten Architecture Drawings based on book "If the Dinosaurs Came Back"


  1. Hi Jenae,
    I have a few questions about this great project.
    What size paper did you use?
    Did the students use pencil first?
    And could it be accomplished in one day with first graders?

  2. Hi Andrea, I just came across your message! Sorry for such a delay in response. Day 1: We read the book and looked at how different shapes and lines can be used to draw the pictures in the book. we specifically looked at the shapes created on the skyscraper and building pages. Students watched me do a demonstration adding horizon line then drawing shapes for buildings and building details and then vehicles. Students went right to work with black sharpies, no pencils, on 12x18 paper. Most were able to finish this in a 45 minute class. Day 2 we looked at the pictures of dinosaurs from the book and practiced drawing them. After practicing students drew 2 final drawings of the dinosaurs. Day 3: Cutting and gluing and arranging them in the picture. (if students needed more time to draw their city they could have more time on this day too) This could work for 1st grade too! I hope that helps.