Friday, January 24, 2014

4th grade Winter Paintings

4th Grade Winter Paintings
In this winter tree inspired project students studied the art element of Color. They reviewed the color families of Primary and Secondary Colors and then learned about the Intermediate and Related Colors. They learned that Intermediate Colors are made by mixing one primary and one secondary together. For example:
Yellow (Primary) + Green (Secondary) = Yellow-Green/Lime Green (Intermediate)
They practiced mixing all the Intermediate colors then had to choose a color family called Related Colors for their art project.  A Related Color family is a group of colors found next to one another on the color wheel.   Usually made up of a Primary, Secondary and Intermediate Color.
Students practiced using watercolors to create all the colors they needed for their painting and learned how to blend them together to make gradual color changes.  When they were done with watercolors they used black paint to carefully add the silhouette of evergreen trees to their painting.  Then since it is a winter inspired painting they splatter painted snow on their art.
Beautiful Art 4th Graders!!!!


  1. Hey Jenae,
    Were these created with watercolors in the background??