Thursday, January 16, 2014

Kinder Architects

Kindergarten Architects

In Art class Kindergarteners learned about Architecture.  During class they looked at lots of pictures of houses and buildings and looked to find what the different parts of architecture are.  They found that the different parts buildings look like shapes. They found that many houses are shaped like rectangles and squares and have roofs that are semi-circles and triangles.  They also noticed that buildings have windows which are shaped like are squares, rectangles and semi-circles.  We also looked for other parts of buildings like steps, decks, chimneys, domes, door knobs, and other details too.  Students then created their own building by collaging different shapes together to create houses.  They had to make sure the pieces were cut to the right size to fit on their houses and that the parts were in the correct places on their houses.

Great Job Kindergarten Architects!!!!

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