Monday, November 2, 2015

4th Grade Self-Portraits

4th Grade Self-Portraits
4th graders started the school year in art by creating a descriptive self-portrait. They began by painting a watercolor background to show value, which is the lightness or darkness of a color.  They had to show that they could take one color and make it lighter in value and darker in value. They then had their photo taken in an interesting pose that represented themselves and added it to their painting. Then 4th graders brainstormed words that described them. They thought about their personality, things they liked, how they looked and things that made them who they are. They decorated around their portrait with the words thinking about making different size letters and different font types. They also used a variety of lines to create an interesting design. They changed line weights (thick to thin), line types (zig-zag, wavy, straight) and patterns.
Great Job 4th Graders!

Thanks to GreenBayArtroom for project inspiration! 

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