Monday, November 2, 2015

5th Grade Non-Objective Paintings

Non-Objective Art
In art class 5th graders learned the difference between realistic art, abstract art and non-objective art.  They learned that realistic art is when an artist tries to make the object or subject in their art exactly how it would look in real life, abstract art is when artists take a real life object or subject and change it to make it look different then in real life and non-objective art is when there is no object just lines, shapes and colors. In this art project students focused on creating Non-Objective art using many different techniques. They started with creating a painting of shapes, colors and lines using liquid watercolors and spray paints. Next art class they used bright oil pastels to add more color and different printmaking techniques using black paint to create interesting patterns and designs in their art.  They used things like marker caps, ribbons, bubble wrap and paper stencils to create the black designs.  Next students learned about the artist Jackson Pollock and used his painting technique of action splatter painting to create another layer of painting on their art. Then for the last layer of their painting they used glue and glitter to create more designs and shapes on their art.

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